Mar 4, 2018


My family and I spent the Chinese New Year long weekend in Baguio. We left on Friday, February 16 late in the morning and arrived at dinner time. We stayed at a transient house in Brgy. Filam Rd. I forgot to take pictures of the house inside, sorry.

Looks cozy, noh? It was!
When we arrived, the owner of the transient house brought us to Gastro Park which is near the house, for us to eat dinner. Then we just spent the night resting and admiring the view from the back of the house. It was 17 degrees that night. Quite cold but I liked it.

There was also a dog in the compound. She was so cute but I didn't take a picture of her. When we were in there I didn't bring my phone with me all the time because I wanted to spend time with my family and admire the place and the view.

Then the day after, we went touring around. We only went to 4 tourist spots because we didn't have much time. We went to the Baguio Museum, Strawberry Farm, The Mansion and Burnham Park. I wanted to go to The Diplomat Hotel and more tourist spots, but like I said we didn't have much time left. The traffic was heavy because of the holiday. We spent a lot of time in the traffic.

The strawberry-flavored ice cream we bought at the Strawberry Farm was so delicious. It tasted like real strawberries, probably because it was made of real strawberries.

Ang hirap magpa-picture. Sobrang daming photobombers. Haha kaya puro selfies na lang kami

Last selfie before going home.

When we got home after the touring, we just ate dinner and then rested. After a few hours, we went back out to the night market. I also wanted to go there but I didn't buy anything. Ang daming tao, di rin ako masyado nakapili ng bibilhin. But all in all, the trip was okay. Except when I got allergies on our way home. I spent most of our byahe sleeping because I took an antihistamine. When we arrived home, I still felt groggy so I just ate dinner and slept.

I really do hope I can go back next time. I want to go to the other places we weren't able to visit.

Much love,

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