Dec 31, 2017


Hi there! It's the last hour of 2017 and so I just wanted to share how my year went. I think I owe you this one since I only shared 8 blog posts for this year, so here it is:

January: The day we've all been waiting for! Finally, Vichien gave birth to Vianna Flor B. Evangelista, a very cute and chubby baby girl :) My family and I have been waiting for this to happen because we were all excited to meet her. The day before it happened, we went to Vichien's OB-Gyne to have her weekly check up. We actually weren't expecting for her to give birth the next day but her doctor said it's time! So, we kind of panicked because our parents were in Isabela at that time! But we did know what to do anyways. We went to the hospital the next day and then waited. And voila! Welcome to the world, Vianna! :) / Also, before all that happened, we went to Zambales with my family. Read more about it here.

February: Spent Valentine's day with my mother and my aunt at Secret Haven Cafe. We ate, talked and bought plants after. There's a plant store just beside the cafe :)

March: My family and I went to Makati to get something and then we went to BGC to have lunch/merienda. Also, I got a new phone! ;)

April: My family and I went to Batangas to celebrate my birthday. And then, we went out again to celebrate mama's immigrant status lmao I don't know but yeah and then we drove mama to the aiport on the 8th. Last week of April, we went to Puerto Galera with my family :)

May: Went to La Union with Parekoys (another blog post). I went home to Quezon City for Ella's 15th birthday. We went night swimming, had so much fun! And in the last week of May, it was Vianna's christening so lamon na naman mga 'tsong! Haha

June: To celebrate father's day, we watched Wonder Woman and then had early dinner at Shakey's. And then eat out again with the fam! lol

July: Went to Manila to meet my college bestfriend, Ica and her dog Baobei!! :)

August: It was the first time Vianna tried sitting, but only for a few seconds. Then, my first time eating at a food park with ate Tin's friends/church mates. Also happened, Vianna's first time to swim! It was so fun even though she had no reaction at all lol we also celebrated papa's birthday thru a weekend long of foodtrip hahaha and then on the 27th, mommy's 1st death anniversary we had a boodle fight. Last week of August, I went to Manila to see my cousins :)

September: Finally met with my best friend after so many years! charot but it felt like it huhu we just shared stories with each other the whole 1-2 hours? and then we had dinner. Also, September had a few beautiful sunsets which I was thankful for because I loooooove sunsets. My family and I went to National Museum, it was my first time! I loved it. Especially the photograpy part, I think it was on the 2nd/3rd floor? omg i cant remember but I loved it. ANNNNDDDDD the best thing that ever happened to me this month...... Purpose Tour!!!! was cancelledt lmao i'm still bitter up to this day because leche talaga to si Justin, paasa. hahahaha charot still love him though pero I almost didn't see him (nung hindi pa niya kina-cancel) I was supposed to get the Lower box tix but papa didn't allow me, hindi daw practical. true pero Justin yun e :( So I bought a gen ad ticket from another fan na lang, tapos the next day nag-cancel si Justin hahaha yaw q na

October: My cousins and I tried the Nuclear noodles challenge??? Basta yung Samyang lol and shocks ang its soooo spicy (malamang hahaha). My grandmother treated us to dinner for JM's birthday at Vikings! Went to Nuvali for my lolo's house turn over. Movie date with papsi, ate and Fedz. Huhubels with Tita Mau went to Caleruega and the Gingerbread House. YAAAYYYYY

November: We lost one of my grandmothers, mama Ding. She was close to mommy. After the burial, we had dinner to celebrate mommy's birthday. My family and I went to Padre Pio Batangas. And then, Papsi, Mikhail, ate and I celebrated her birthday at Okada. We had early dinner first at Seafood Island. And then the day after, my cousins and I ate at Onyang's, ate's treat!

December: I finally changed my blog's name to MY NAME and I also got a domain!! It was on sale so I bought it since I wanted to try it for a long time now. I still don't know how it works but i'm still learning lol more gala and selfies with Vianna and went to ate Tin's church in Silang to celebrate watch their Christmas concert. Christmas Eve with huhubels :)

I've experienced a lot this year, from celebrating life to being depressed (I shouldn't have diagnosed myself because i'm not a professional, but i'm pretty sure I was), to eating my heart out to going on a diet again, also, self realization and self discovery have happened this year too, which i'm sure I will write another blog post about, hopefully. lol

2018 is only an hour away and I only wish for good things to happen like:

  • acceptance
  • stability
  • safety/security
  • a job (hopefully & finally)
  • more travel
  • more self confidence
  • more life lessons
  • good health for me and my family
  • be healthier
  • closer relationship with God
  • to find my purpose in life
  • hopefully world peace and end hunger and poverty :(
I wish you enjoyed 2017 as much as I enjoyed it and have a great and wonderful new year ahead! Cheers to life!

Much love,

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