Jan 8, 2017

The Year of Healing

Let 2017 be the year you will finally heal. The year you will rise above every heartache, sorrow and loss. The year you will mend every battle scar and open wound. The year you will gather all the broken pieces of your heart, of your soul, of your life, putting them altogether and bandaging every crack, until it becomes whole again. Let this be the year you will realize that it's okay to be broken, to cry, to grieve, but it's not okay to stay like that forever. Let this year be a year of hope, assurances that there will be better days for you, that there is joy set before you, after all these mourning. That the sun will rise and the storm will cease, and the aftermath will not be as messy as the calamity but it will be beautiful, it will be glorious. Let this year be the year you will realize that the ruins are magnificent. Let this year be a year of utter healing. Healing over every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering. A year of regaining all the lost strength and courage, a year of admittance -- that we are broken, that we need healing. A year of just taking your time to heal, no matter how slow, as long as you are healing. A year you will no longer fake strength; but just be honest with what's going on inside you. Let this year be the year you will be whole, again.


Words by: Dian Tinio
Posted by: Thought Catalog on Instagram
Photo by: Earth on Twitter

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