Jan 30, 2017


A few days ago my mother arranged the furnitures in our room. The bed is now adjacent to the window. It's been a year ago since I arranged it from its old spot which is facing the door, (which according to Feng Shui is bad luck). But i'm not one to believe in luck or fortunes, for that matter. And as I look outside the window I've realized that I've missed the view. Well, all you can see from the window is the roof of the house next door and some of the houses in the neighborhood, maybe some trees too. But the good thing about it is the view from the second floor when the sun starts to set. It always makes me think about my life. How it changed so fast. From being feeling alone to being with all the people you love. And them because of some circumstances, I'll probably be alone in a few months time. I don't hate being alone, in fact I love it. And I prefer being it most of the time. I just hate it when I get too attached with a lot of people around me and yes, i'm talking about my family, and then after a long time, when they're gone I long for their company and when I try to reach them, they're all already busy with their lives. And I feel like I have no space in it for me anymore. I know, it's probably my fault. I tend to be masungit at times because let's face it, girls are really moody. I've only become so moody recently. I don't even know why. It's probably because all of a sudden, everything has changed. 

But this view made me think of my life and how it's actually peaceful and calm. I'm not saying that I don't have problems, it's just it makes me think of the good things and what and who God has blessed me with. And it makes me appreciate life more. This is one of the reason why I always always love taking pictures of the sky or nature. It reminds me how beautiful this world is and how blessed we are that God has given us the privilege of living in it and admiring it. And I also realized one thing: that I don't wanna be a photographer, I just want to capture the beauty of this world and share it to others for them to appreciate it if they don't yet or if they do, make them do it more. And hopefully someday, some people won't take it for granted anymore. 

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