May 28, 2016


One night in February, as I was lying in bed and surfing the internet, I thought of doing something courageous(?). I cut my hair shorter. Well, it is courageous for some people because they can't trust themselves to cut their hair by themselves. But that night, I did. My hair was frizzy and dry so I guess I didn't care what it would look like as long as I would get rid of the frizzy and dry part. And I also wanted to try a new haircut. For the second time, I did something inspired by Aria Clemente. The first one was an iPhone case.

Let me share how I cut my hair with this lame instructions I made and sorry for my grammar, I'm not good at giving instructions in English lol and it's my first time doing this so I apologize in advance if you don't understand lol
Voila! It's done! Phew! I did not use the appropriate scissor to cut my hair so it's uneven lol I had it done and cut to fix it, of course.
After a few days, I also did something I wouldn't be able to do if my parents were here. I'm not saying that i'm being a rebel that time but I always wanted to dye my hair red. It didn't last long though because I had to dye it back to black since I had a job interview in a few weeks. But still, I enjoyed doing my hair by myself and doing whatever I want with it. Some people liked it, some people said, "What did you do with your hair?" (On dying it red) But I just ignored them, I mean it's just hair. It grows back. 

Yes, I dyed my hair twice within a couple of weeks but it didn't become dry or frizzy. I guess it had to do with what conditioner I used, which is the Pantene 3-minute miracle conditioner. It truly is a miracle! (Not sponsored lol) 

Anyway, lesson/s I've learned? It's okay to do something you've never done or fear to do. It's invigorating, to be honest. And it makes me feel good. But i'm not saying that do whatever you want just because it's what you see from other people. Make sure to always ask for advice from elder people, they may not like it at first but if you show them that it's worth it and it's harmless, they'll go with it. I don't have a bucket list right now but I can definitely check it off my list if I have one.

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