Apr 11, 2016


(Photo from Tumblr; fonts/words are mine)

Today as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw this story from thoughtcatalog that were liked by my friends. I read it and I got curious about the blog so I sifted through other stories, ideas and many more literary stuff they post. I never told you guys how I love poetry, novels, books and all the literary works of sorts. I love how writers make me feel a lot of emotion just by reading their works. I love how I can jump into another world when I read a book. It feels like traveling but without moving my own two feet. It's actually ironic for me because I don't have a lot of words in me even though I love reading a lot of books and poetries. Sometimes, when I want to explain something to someone, I try to be, I don't know, poetic? Or someone who can explain things with the use of words with deep meaning? (i'm actually doing it right now when i'm trying to explain but I don't know how to) I don't even know, sorry. lol But i'm trying my best and i'm learning a lot since I always find time to read books. I also write poems before when I was younger but they were in Filipino language. There's this one time when my aunt and I were on our way home from Manila, I couldn't fall asleep and everyone in the van was sleeping or on their phones so I was just thinking about life and I kind of made a poem in my head. And I immediately typed it in my phone when we got home. It is written in Tagalog (but I will translate it in English maybe one day for those of you who don't understand Tagalog) and it's titled as:


Sa dinami-rami ng tao sa mundo
bakit ikaw pa din ang hinihintay ko?
Ang pag-ibig kong naririto,
umaasa pa din sa mga pangako mo.

Ang mga pangako mong sinambit
nung tayo'y nasa ilalim ng mga
butuin sa langit.
Nangakong ika'y magiging akin,
ngunit ngayon ay di ka na kapiling.

Noong inalay mo ang pag-ibig mo,
tinanggap ko ng buong puso.
Ngunit ngayo'y, nasaan ka na?
Umaasa lang pala ako sa wala.

(I don't even have a love life at the moment so I don't know where those words came from. lol) So, I got this idea for my blog since I love poetries and stories that I would have a weekly post of literary works I found in the internet that turned out to be my favorites. Stories, poetries, photos and such will all be from Tumblr, thoughtcatalog, Berlin-Artparasites, The Artidote, etc. I will put credits at the every end of the post. 

I will probably post it on different days of the week. I'd like to call it, Letters to the World. Because when people write literary works and I read them, I feel like they're just writing a letter to the world. When we read them, we get to travel around the world (even if they're just in our imagination), feel all these different emotions and all of it still feels real. That's how magical and powerful words can work. (Does that even make sense?)

Maybe I will post my own work too someday. I also wanted to be a writer before but I guess it's not just for me. I have a lot of ideas but I wouldn't know how to put them into words. I'm gonna start posting Letters to the World tomorrow so watch out for that! 

- A

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