Apr 9, 2016


Last Thursday was an unexpected day for me. It turned out great because I was able to go outside and take photos. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera so I just used my phone again. This was an unplanned road trip since we were just supposed to eat breakfast around town after our morning jog. We ended up in Kaybiang Tunnel and outside Caylabne Resort in Ternate. Being the aspiring photographer that I am, I took lots of photos I could. I was sad I couldn't bring my camera because the photos would have turned out much better than phone photos.

This is me on the top of the tunnel. (I used the Snapchat camera for this one since I was taking photos/videos for Snapchat too and they all got deleted before I even got the chance to post them. Boo.)

Kaybiang Tunnel was opened in the year of 2013. It is considered as the country's longest underground highway tunnel at 300 meters. (Wikipedia)

While on our way to Caylabne Resort, we saw this little store along the road so we stopped and bought dirty ice cream. We ate our ice cream while admiring this view. I didn't mind the heat of the sun because of how beautiful our view is.

These photos above are my most favorite shots I took outside Caylabne resort. It reminds me of how beautiful our world is and it makes me sad that some people just take it for granted. Maybe sometimes still I do too, because I don't pay much attention to it the past few years due to overly use of the internet but I'm gladly thankful that God introduced me to Photography because taking photos of nature makes me feel so blessed because I get to witness the beauty of it not just that day but every single day.

I hope starting today, we won't take everything for granted, whether it be people, things, the chances we take and the choices we make. God knows, I am starting to do it now.

P.S. I tried putting watermarks on my photos but i'm not sure if it looks good or not. I'm a very indecisive person when it comes to putting design on my blog. I will probably put watermarks on my photos sometimes, but most of the time I won't. Or maybe it'll depend on the photos I will post. We'll see. 

- A

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