Mar 12, 2016


Last weekend, March 5th & 6th, I went to Manila to celebrate two birthdays; Justin's and my little cousin, Franzelle's. I'm gonna write another blog post about Justin's birthday, so on this post I will share about what happened last Sunday. 

I woke up a little late that day because I was catching up on sleep since I was still tired from the day before. We didn't go to the church (for the christening) anymore so my family and I went straight to Jollibee for the birthday celebration. When we arrived there, the party didn't start immediately. 

We had to wait since the crew was still fixing the party place.. After a few minutes, we were inside and celebrating Franzelle's birthday! We played games, laughed, ate.. We all had so much fun!! And I enjoyed the food, honestly, who can resist Chickenjoy and their Spaghetti is the best I swear!! So to my international readers (I wish) who plans to travel here or haven't tried Jollibee, you should!! (Not a sponsored post, how I wish lol)

I didn't get to taste the cake because I don't really like very sweet cakes :( lol

I don't have a lot of pictures that day since I took most of the photos. And I was sort of practicing the new lessons I learned about Photography (which I will talk about in another blog post).

Look how cute the birthday girl is in her yellow dress!

Before we ate lunch, we all played games. Two for kids, two for adults. Of course, I joined even though I was hesitant at first. I don't really like playing kids party games lol but it was fun playing. I felt like a kid again. When I was a kid, my parents/aunts/uncles, would push us kids to play in parlor games and some of us wouldn't want to because we're shy. Some kids would like to join because of the prizes. I was one of the kids who didn't want to interact with the other kids, I just wanted to stay in my seat and wait until it's eating time! haha but I guess people change. Now that I'm an adult, I can still join in the games but I'm not that shy anymore, I learned that I should enjoy every single moment of my life from now on. There's a lot going on in the world and I don't wanna miss on that. Now before I get sappy and all, haha, the last picture above were of all of us cousins, because we rarely get complete so we took this chance to take a picture of us. Aren't we all cute? :)

I enjoyed being with my family. I rarely see them nowadays because they live far away from me (I just moved to Cavite months ago), so when I'm with them I make sure that we do have fun every second. And last weekend did not disappoint :) 

- A

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