Mar 27, 2016


Since my family/my friends and I have no plans this summer (yet), let's go reminisce my summer last year. May of 2015, my family and I went to Bicol to spend the summer for a few days. (I can't remember the exact date we went but I think it was around the last week of May. Also, I want to apologize because I barely remember the dates and some of the stuff we did so this is more of a story than information about Bicol. Hehe.) And I didn't take a lot of photos of the place we've stayed in because I was lazy and it was too hot. I just enjoyed every single moment of it. 
We arrived at Bicol around noon and it was a 16?-hour drive, yes it was exhausting but fun anyways. We ate lunch and then we slept in for the whole day since we're all tired. The place we stayed in is called Dhio Endheka Spring Resort, The owner is a family friend so we stayed there for free. (You can check them out by clicking the name.)

The next day we were up and about to go check out Mt. Mayon and ride the ATV around it.
And voila! Here we are at Cagsawa Ruins!
I think Mt. Mayon was a little shy so she's hiding from us lol
ATV Ride!!

While on our way back to the resort, Mt. Mayon finally showed!
The ATV ride costs 700/800 per head for one ride to the foot of Mt. Mayon back. I was nervous at first since I don't know how to use it or to drive at all. Haha! But before you go to Mt. Mayon, first, they will teach you how to drive the ATV and there's a road(?) for you to practice on. And then after we got the hold of it, we're on our way! It was a summer afternoon at that time so imagine the heat! Woo! But we didn't care about the heat as long as we'd enjoy it and we did! We even got tanned. Haha. 

After the ATV experience, we went to Lignon Hill and Embarcadero to enjoy the view and take pictures. Mikhail tried the zipline at Embarcadero. It was meh for me, it was not worth it I think. And the day before we went home, we also went to the Planetarium. There's a theater inside the Planetarium where they tell you the Legend of Mt. Mayon which you can check if you click here.

I can't remember how many days we stayed but I think it was a short trip. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed spending a few days in Bicol. They served us very good and delicious food, we took swims at night, shared stories. And, there's this one night when all the lights went off, we didn't know why but we still took a swim and it was so scary because we were surrounded by a lot of trees (the resort were like a resort in a jungle, check them out on Facebook so you'll know what I'm talking about lol) but it's still fun because we like adventures. Nagkuwentuhan lang kami sa pool. And then at night, my cousins and I would drink coffee (yes, at night) and we would play UNO cards until we're sleepy. Kuwentuhan ulit at tawanan. Even though I said that I barely remember some of the things we did, hinding hindi ko makakalimutan yung memories namin sa Bicol. It was my second time pala to go to Bicol but this one's more memorable. So, my cousins and I are planning to go back maybe 1-2 years from now, hopefully, we'd be complete at the time. Haha! (And don't worry, the next time we go back or travel somewhere else, I promise I'd take a lot of pictures!)

It was a really peaceful place, if I could go back and live there my whole life I would! So, I guess I can say that this is my favorite summer memory for 2015. What about you? :)

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