Feb 24, 2016

New Year, New Me

I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore or if anyone has read it but I don't care, like what Nina Pineda told me, (not directly though because I asked her on ask.fm anonymously lol) I SHOULD DO IT FOR MYSELF so that's what i'm doing right now which I should've done a long time ago. At grabe, sobrang sarap sa feeling; to not care what other people say about you or what you should do because they will constantly tell you what they think is best for you even if it's not what you really want. Well, except sa parents of course. Believe me, they know best.

To be honest, I don't know why I couldn't find the inspiration or motivation to push myself on doing the stuff I like. I graduated back in 2014 but i'm unemployed until now. I kept asking myself before, "What do I really want to do in my life?" But i'm still on learning process. I'm growing. I mean, lahat naman tayo 'di ba? I'm getting out more, giving my self more chance to go out there. To do things I love the most. But we all have to sacrifice and work hard to get what we want. Sabi nga sa quote/song, "there's always a rainbow after the rain." So, I want to share my experience with you.

The last few days have been a great challenge for me. If you are a family relative or a friend who knows me very well, you would know how scared I am of getting out of my comfort zone. I get anxious whenever I have to something I don't usually do like just getting out of the house alone or commuting by myself, runnings errands by myself which is very ironic because I love being alone most of the time. I applied for a job, got interviewed and took exams but unfortunately, they haven't called me yet which I assume they won't because it's been 2 weeks since the interview. I even cried like twice before the day of the interview because I didn't want to do it. I was so anxious and nervous. But I prayed to God to give me strength and courage and He didn't fail me. I wasn't anxious and nervous at all when the day came. I was confident and took the exam and interview well. When I realized that they won't be calling me, I didn't feel rejected at all. It led me to what i'm doing now, doing what I really love (though I know I must find a job one of these days, maybe after the civil service exam) and it makes me really happy.

Before that, I registered for the civil service exam which will be on April 17, 2016 (please pray for me!). It took me a few days to get the requirements needed. I had to renew my driver's license pa since it expired April last year. Na-stress pa ako kasi when we arrived at LTO, we paid for the medical expenses for P300 tapos ang ginawa nila is check our eyes lang, no urine testing (for drug test) and it already costs us P300?? Ate Tin and I were like, "Grabe ang mahal naman tapos yun lang ginawa?" but we didn't have a choice but to keep it to ourselves, we fell in line, we waited and then when it's our time to get our license, wala na naman silang card! Imagine my stress. I was in a hurry that time kasi the last date of registration for the civil service exam is on Feb. 25. I needed a valid ID for registering. But thank God, a few days later we called them and they told us that we can get our license na. It was a relief kasi sobrang stressed na ako nun. But don't worry! Everything's settled so i'm just waiting for April to come. Yay!

Now that I know that i'm on the right path, I promise myself to always find the strength to start doing what I love to do which led me to start blogging again  photography and travel. As you can see on my previous posts, all I talk about was where I travel, what I do with my family, and how I love photography. Because that's what i'm passionate about. Traveling, photography and family. I don't travel often but when I do, I treasure them all in my heart and always pray to come back to the place I've been to. Oh, photography. How I love you so. I'll tell more about why I love photography on my next posts. And lastly, my family. Yep, i'm a family-oriented person. SUPER. I just love spending time with my family (who doesn't?).

The other night when I was scrolling thru my phone doing this and that I remember my blog again and how long it's been since my last post. My last blog post was posted last year in May (this is where i'm supposed to ask you, "can you believe that?" but I realize myself, yes I can lmao) and the experiences I had the past few days made me feel motivated and inspired to go on blogging again because I know in myself that I love doing it. The ideas just keep on coming, just take a look at what I did to my blog. You won't even know unless you're an avid reader of mine that I changed my layout, my title headlines(?), I even added gifs! Some people might think this is a new blog. Well, at least that's how I think and feel about it. lol and it feels wonderful. I felt the need to change my blog layout because the old one didn't feel like me anymore. I feel like it's another blog from another person instead of me. So here we are, new year new me (lol at the overused expression every new year.) I hope you like it because I'm loving it so much I think I just fell in love with my own blog. And I have a lot of posts coming up for you like about putting up a business - online shop, traveling again, new theme for my photography and why I changed my blog name (again, hope this is final lol) to Soul Seeker. There's just so many things that happened in the past year I can't wait to share it. And I wanna tell you a lot about what has happened right now but they just keep on coming I have to write them down lol. So I hope you watch out for that :)

- A

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