Feb 26, 2016

celebrating new year's

The day of new year's eve, we didn't plan what we're going to do for the celebration of New Year's. We just ate dinner at my grandfather's house and went home early. Mommy, ate and I got ready for bed and we just watched fireworks outside our windows lol and we also watched a movie. Not our usual new year celebration but it was still good anyways. On the first day on 2016, we went to a beach! My family and I have been planning to go to Marines (people usually call it that because it's one of the Philippine Marines bases but it's real name is Katungkulan beach) for days and after Christmas we decided to go on new year's day! So we're up and on our way.

The Katungkulan beach is located in Ternate, Cavite so it only took us an hour and a half to get there w/ no traffic. 
And we're here!! Upon entrance, we had to sign a waiver(??) and listed our names, I didn't read the waiver but I think it says that you have to know someone from the Marines so you can go to the beach but I don't think they follow that rule anymore lol we also paid a hundred pesos for each person. After all that, we're on our way to the beach. Di namin alam na mejo malayo pa pala sa entrance yung beach, probably 10-15 minutes max. You have to pay for the cottage also after using it, the big cottage costs P1000. We used a big cottage but we transferred to a table next to a tree. I don't remember someone from the base/beach asking us for payment so we didn't pay for the cottage lol I think you can stay there overnight because I saw some people brought their own tents. Some people also chose to eat or maybe not to pay for the cottage so they just sat and ate on the sand in front of the beach.
We brought food and drinks, extra clothes, and towels.
And finally.....
The beach was okay. Lots of floating garbages lol like seriously, their people need to clean it since they're open to public and because CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS. While my cousins and I went exploring, we also saw a lot of garbages on the seaside. Just behind those rocks in the picture above. 

I had a hard time hiking and walking on these rocks, pupunta pa sana kami sa pinakadulo ng hill pero di ko na kaya haha tumatanda na ata ang lola niyo or wala lang talagang exercise lol but despite the basura and hiking, it was really fun. It's not always that I can do this so it was worth it because of this breathtaking view:
After hiking, we went back to our table and took lots of pictures. I didn't take a bath on their bathroom kasi madumi :(
And before we went home, we're supposed to meet our cousins in Tagaytay pero hindi na natuloy so we just went to Starbucks and tambay pa more haha

It was a very great way to spend the first day of 2016 and I hope we will travel more often this year. I didn't have any resolution for this year only more plans and more dreams. Hopefully, I'll achieve a lot this year. I hope you will too. :)

P. S. I made a vlog for this blog post but I haven't uploaded it yet on my Youtube account since my internet is being an ass. I'll post it here once I'm done uploading it. :)

- A

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