May 20, 2015


Parekoys and I have been waiting for a chance to travel somewhere locally. But ever since we graduated, we never got a chance to go somewhere because Angelica migrated to Canada, Debbie got a job, Embi went to study again while I am just at home doing nothing. Haha. But Debbie, Embi and I were messaging each other on Facebook and came to stumble upon talking about travelling to Baler. At first, we were just joking around, hoping we could do it soon. After a few minutes, we were searching for a place to stay at in Baler and texting each one of them if there are still rooms available. And then we’re booked for the 28th and 29th of March! It all happened so fast I didn’t believe our wish is finally coming true.

(Warning: this is a heavy-photo post.)

And on Friday night, we’re on our way to the bus station in Cubao to get a ride to Baler. We arrived there and asked the guard if there were still available seats in the ordinary bus but he told us that it already left. So we bought tickets for their deluxe bus instead for PHP635. The deluxe bus offers a snack and a blanket and also has a bathroom in it. We arrived a little early for the bus ride which will leave at 2AM so we stayed at 7-11 while waiting. After a few hours, we were in the bus and on our way. I wasn’t able to sleep in the bus because it was a little shaky and I’m a light sleeper. We arrived at the bus station in Baler at 8 in the morning. And then, we asked if there were bus tickets available for the next day already. But they’re still closed at the time. So we went to our hotel first, settled in and went on our way to the city to eat breakfast.

The tricycle driver offered us a tour along the tourists spot in Baler for PHP800/day. We went to The Mother Falls first. It was a good 30-minute ride and a 30-minute hike to get to the falls. It was tiring but it was also adventurous so it was really fun. It was my first time to hike along rocks and running water. When we arrived at the falls, the hiking was worth it because it was simply breathtaking. The water was fresh and super cold. We took pictures, we swam, we laughed, and we enjoyed every single second of it.
Next is the famous Balete tree. I think it took us 20-30 minutes from the Mother Falls to get there. The Balete tree is 600 years old! Wow. You can climb on it & go inside of it. It was also fun.
And then we went to Diguisit Beach and Lukso-lukso Islet. We just took pictures and went to the beach and ate merienda there. And then we’re off to our hotel to rest. We rested for a bit and went out to eat dinner at Bay Inn’s Hungry Surfer Restaurant and tried their dinner buffet. It costs PHP220/head. It was okay for me. Not that delicious. And then we walked back to our hotel while sightseeing. We slept in early because I wasn’t able to sleep in the bus and we’re gonna wake up early to watch the sun rise.

The Sabang beach is just a few minutes walk from our hotel. We arrived there early so we just sat there in front of the beach and waited for the sun to rise. We waved to the other people who were crossing by and they all waved back. We also met some guys who asked for Embi’s number. Haha. And then the sun rose up, we took pictures and then they learned how to surf! I took pictures of them because I wasn’t able to pay for the surfing lesson. In short, na-short ako! Haha. Surfing lesson costs 300 per hour. But it’s okay. I can always go back and try it next time. After an hour of surfing, we went to Hungry Surfer to eat breakfast. Their breakfast was delicious. Yes, more than okay. Haha.
We got back to our hotel room and changed so we can go tour the city. The Baler church is just simple. We didn’t go inside since they held the mass in the covered court beside it (I have no idea why). We stayed for just a few minutes to pray and then we went to Bahay ni Aurora & Museo de Baler next. We paid PHP30 for the entrance fee. Pictures below.

Before we planned on going to Baler, my friends and I were also planning to go soul-searching. When we were at the beach waiting for the sun to rise, I felt peaceful. I just love the feeling of seeing the sun rise or set. It reminds me of all the good things and how thankful I am for this life. And I definitely love the beach! I plan on getting married & living in front a beach someday. :)

I know summer is almost ending but I can still suggest for you guys to come to Baler whenever you like! It's a small town with lots of places and stuffs to see. You'll enjoy everything! 

- A

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