Sep 2, 2014


Ever since I was 17 (I'm 21 now), I've been interested in taking photos of anything using a digital camera or a dslr. But when papa bought the dslr, I wasn't able to learn how to take photos properly or how to take a picture the way I want to, or or just the basics of using the dslr. I just simply point and shoot. 

But lately, I've been fascinated by the VSCO Cam app and it's VSCO Grid. I've been seeing a lot of beautiful pictures, post processed in VSCO Cam of course, and taking pictures myself, also! I also followed some people who take great pictures and edit them really good.

But since I haven't been going out lately, because we're renovating the house, I just take my time to find something to take a picture of. Like, the neighbor's roof or gate, or my sister. Haha. Or editing some of the old photos I found in my phone. Here are some of the photos I edited and posted in my grid with the filters I used:

LV3 from the Levis collection

HB2 from the Hypebeast collection

C1 from the Vibrant collection

M5 from the Fade collection

A6 from the Analog collection

E2 from the Essence collection

F1 from the Mellow collection

S2 from the Clean collection

G2 from the Portraits collection

You can check my other photos on, if you have a VSCO grid, feel free to follow me :)

- A

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