Aug 28, 2014


Hi guys! Sorry I've been MIA for a month. Papa arrived last August 1 and we started renovating our house. Papa has been working for almost a month now because he doesn't have someone to help him. Well, if only I and my sister could make pukpok or cut plywoods, we would but I guess we should leave those workloads to guys or to men since they're obviously physically stronger than us. Haha. But since yesterday my sister and I started helping papa in painting the dresser and cabinets. It was tiring and I couldn't breathe at first because of the foul smell of the paint, but I got used to it in the process. 

A lot has happened this last weekend to me and my family. From my late great grandmother's birthday celebration to the PBB All In's big night = I call it super fun weekend despite what happened to me on Sunday, I'll tell later on. 

Last Thursday, mommy (my grandmother) texted my sister asking us to come on Friday for the celebration of my late great grandmother's birthday. On Friday, we weren't fully decided if we should come because according to my cousin, there were no celebration that will happen on Friday. We were hesitant to go and kept asking our family there if we should still go. After an hour, we finally decided that we'll go, so we did. 

When we arrived there, we went to SM Rosario to eat lunch. We ate at Adobo Connection. After that, tito Erwin & tita Mercy went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients of Spaghetti they're cooking. My sister, her boyfriend, Mikhail and I went to Potato Corner to eat fries. We also bought food in the grocery store. (We were that hungry.) Also, after we eat, Mikhail asked me if I want to eat 1 day old, you know the fried 1 day old chick they sell in the streets? Yes, that's the one. I think it was my first time to taste/eat 1 day old and I think it's delicious naman. It's not like the other exotic food na hindi masarap. And then we went home. Jm arrived and he said he was hungry. There was no food yet when he arrived. So, we went back to SM Rosario to eat Siomai. We ate siomai and then after, we also ate 1 day old again and kwek-kwek.

We went home after and took selfies.

I decided not to go home yet and spend the night in Cavite with my cousins. The next day, they were cooking a lot food because of the birthday celebration. The oldies were playing majong. I waited for Jm and Vichien to arrive because they ahd school so I just ate and talked to my family. My little cousins also arrived and they were so makulit they keep on playing around. 

That's Tito Erwin barbeque-ing Hito and Pork liempo. YUM ;) 

Before we all go to bed, my sister, Vichien and I had a bubble bath first. It was so relaxing and we were all just laughing and shared stories. The next morning, we had to go back to Manila. Fortunately, the weekend wasn't ending for me yet! My cousin, Shayne, told us we could go to the Big Night at Resorts World Manila to watch and support Daniel Matsunaga. He was the big winner for us, except for Ella, she was rooting for Jane. Again, we were out and about! 

We arrived early so we decided to eat first and then we saw the ex-housemates on the pre-show.

The show starts at 8:45 so we waited a lil bit longer than expected because when we were on the line, the guard said that they will let us in the theater at 7, but I think we went inside at 8? I'm not sure anymore. But we waited for like 2-3 hours outside. We took pictures while we were on the line because we were bored. Also, things were heating up between the fans of the big four. They were all singing and chanting for their big winner. We got more excited when Team Matsunaga arrived, they were chanting "Ole ole!" and there were Brazilians also.

We got regular seats but the Newport theater is small so wherever you sit, you'll get a good view of the show. 

The show started, we waited, watched some performances, until the end I was praying that Daniel wins because he really deserves it. And then when they announced that Maris was the second big placer, OMG I WAS SCREAMING AND JUMPING because Daniel won as the big winner! I was teary eyed when he was delivering his speech because he's really proud to be a Filipino at heart. Until the show ended, I was congratulating him on Twitter (feeling close, haha) and tweeting happy stuff. Right after I tweeted I got super dizzy, as in, I can't breathe I even asked my papa to open the car windows. Grabe, that was the worst feeling ever. Masyado ata na-excite at natuwa ang puso ko. Haha. Before we go home, they ate muna sa Kowloon House and I stayed in the car because I was still dizzy, I couldn't stand up.

All in all, it was very fun weekend. The day after, Monday, it was a holiday and it was also my papa's birthday. My sister and I bought a cake for him, but he didn't know, we showed it to him while he was working in our room (still renovating). Haha. And then the night comes, he asked us to buy pandit and fried chicken outside so we did. He invited his parents (my grandparents) and his sister & her children. We all ate and watched Daniel in A&A Tonight. Haha.

I'm glad I spent my weekend with my family. It never goes dull when I'm with them. What about you? Do you love spending time with your family? How did you spend your long weekend with them? :)

- A

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