Jul 20, 2014


Last April 2014, to celebrate the summer days and my birthday, my father asked us to look for a beach resort. He was in Saudi Arabia for work so he couldn’t search himself. This was like a family tradition, which started a few years ago, but since some of us are too busy in their jobs, we missed some summer seasons and didn’t go to beaches or resorts. But papa we were back at it again since last year. If you can remember, we went to Laguna last year and I also have a blog post about it!

(Warning: This is a heavy-photo post.)

This year, we found a beach resort called Blue Waters Resort in Calatagan, Batangas. It is a private resort so we paid it in a little expensive cost. The amenities were nice and good but we only stayed overnight so our time was limited. We arrived early than our check-in time, which is at 1 PM so while waiting for the staff to clean the resort, we went to the beach (which is located near the resort) and we ate lunch outside the van. And we also took selfies.

After an hour, we went inside to unpack and start swimming in the pool. I also took pictures of the amenities of the resort. I forgot to take photos of the back kitchen, some parts of the house and the rooms because of excitement. After I took all the photos of the house, we all went to change to our swim suits and swam. 

Before the sunset, I told them that we should go to the beach and swim and watch the sun set. The beach has no waves because it’s a still water. Some people said it’s dangerous but we still went to swim on the beach and watch the sun set together.

When the sun has already set, we went back to the resort to eat dinner and swim again. When we were all tired of swimming, my cousins and I went to third floor to share stories and to bond together and eat.. Again.

When it was time to leave, we packed our stuff, went to Tagaytay to eat lunch first and then went home. We all enjoyed our overnight stay in Batangas. And I will surely remember it because we only see each other completely a few times and I kind of missed it. I’m really glad I got to bond and share my summertime with them.

What about you? How was your summer? I hope you did enjoy yours as well!

- A

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