Mar 25, 2014


Hi guys! I can't believe it's been 5 months since my last post. Guess I was too lazy busy with all the school works and family stuff. And I haven't had something to talk about here but now I do. So here it goes.

In case you guys don't know, I'm finally graduating next month! And I'm so excited!! Because I'm finally free from school works and stress. But i'll definitely miss school. Before the seniors graduate, our college's council prepares a ball for Juniors and Seniors every third month of the year. But this year, only us, Seniors were able to go because the Juniors were banned from any school activities because it was the finals week. So, last March 21st our Graduation Ball was held at Hemady Square along E. Rodriguez Ave. I've been looking for a dress 2 weeks before the ball and I was getting frustrated already because of my body size and I had a hard time looking for a dress that will fit me. I even bought a dress online for only 120php but when it arrived, it didn't fit me well. A week before the ball, my sister and I went to the mall to look for another dress. I found something at Lhasa. I bought it for graduation day. Two days before the ball, my friend Embi, my sister, her boyfriend and I went to the mall to look for accessories. We went to Forever 21 to look for a dress for our friend and we also tried fitting some of the dresses. My friend found a dress and she wanted me to try it so I did. She liked the dress for me and I liked it, too, so I bought it. 

Early morning on the day of the ball, I went to Embi's place. She fixed my hair for me because I did not want to spend a lot of money on my hair & make up. Her older sister, Ate Tin, did my make up. (Thank you again, ate Tin!) 

We arrived late at the ball but we had a lot of fun and took many pictures as we can. 

After the make up look (I really loved my false eyelashes!)

Parekoys again <3 (Congrats Debbie for being a Cum Laude!)

I was trying to do the "boom panes" pose :P

Who I'll definitely miss the most: Psy01, my section. We've been through a lot of school works and stress but still, here we are, standing on our feet and saluting each other for achieving one of our dreams: graduating college. I'm proud of us guys! We did it! :)

Until my next post (which I hopefully not after the next 5 months again :P)

- A

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