Aug 3, 2013


I guess I should start sharing the things I've crossed off from my bucket list. First, is horseback riding. YES! Finally. A day after the New Year, we went to Tagaytay to ride a horse going to the mouth of Bulkang Taal. It was a great experience, since it was my first time to ride a horse though my inner thighs got hurt because the road was too bumpy and the 'thing' I'm sitting at the back of the horse (I'm not sure what they call it) is made of wood so it's hard. Lola Jojet (my grandmother), knows already where we're going because she's been there before so she drove for us and shared with us her experience before while we're on our way there.

From Rockfort Lake Resort, we rode a motorboat going to the Taal Crater. It cost us 2,000PHP per boat. We needed two motorboats because the maximum capacity of each motorboat is 5 people.

When we got there, we were soaking wet because of the waves, there was a cover but it was not enough to cover us from the splashing water. I had a hard time taking pictures while i'm riding the horse because it was too bumpy and I have to hold onto something so that I wouldn't fall.

It took us 30 minutes to 1 hour (I think? Sorry, I can't remember anymore. Lol.) to get to the crater. FINALLY!

Before going home, we went to Chickboy to eat dinner. And took lots of pictures outside after.

I had fun riding the horse and spending time with my family. It was a really great experience. You guys should try it because every penny is worth the ride and view from the crater especially when you saw the sunset :)

- A

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