Apr 27, 2013


Papa promised us that when he gets back from Saudi Arabia for his break, we will go to Laguna to swim.

So on Holy Week we went to Laguna with our family. Kids were so excited, and I admit it, I was too. After maybe 1 or 2 years, we were complete again. Before, we yearly go to resorts or beaches for in the Summer time but since my father, uncle and other member of the family are busy working, we stopped doing that tradition. But this year, I thank God that we were complete to celebrate Holy Week and summertime also.

Before we checked in, we waited for an hour outside the private resort then we played a game called Dodge Ball with the kids. I always miss being a kid whenever I play with them.

The view from our rooms on the second floor.

Don't worry, I was just trying to freshen up while filling up the kiddie pool with water. LOL!

We played Beer Pong that night but since we don't drink beer, we replaced it with Tanduay Ice. And me and ate won!! Cheers! :D

I think I ate a lot that night before we went to sleep (as usual). LOL. But the outing was so much fun. We played dodge ball again but in the second time, we played in the pool. And Tito Louie & Tito Alvin joined so it was more fun. :)

So we all went home, but me and my family went to Puregold (I forgot the branch's name) to meet my other family (mother's side). We ate at Kingbee to celebrate my cousins' graduation.

Till my next post :)

- A

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