Mar 14, 2013


My friend sent me an article about eating food too much. This is what the article says:

"Portion Distortion"

Cookies as big as frisbees. Muffins the size of flower pots. Bowls of pasta so deep, your fork can barely find the bottom. One reason people's waistlines have expanded over the past few decades is because food portions have too.
People today eat way more than they used to — and way more than they need to. This means that they're constantly taking in more calories than their bodies can burn. Unfortunately, lots of us don't realize that we're eating too much because we've become so used to seeing (and eating!) large portions.
Portion sizes began to increase in the 1980s and have been ballooning ever since. Take bagels, for example: 20 years ago, the average bagel had a 3-inch diameter and 140 calories. Today, bagels often have a 6-inch diameter and 350 calories. One bagel that size actually contains half a person's recommended number of grain servings for an entire day!
The price of such overabundance is high. It's common knowledge that people who consistently overeat are likely to become overweight. But they also risk getting a number of medical problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, bone and joint problems, breathing and sleeping problems, and even depression. Later in life, people who overeat are at greater risk for heart disease, heart failure, and stroke.
It's easy to understand why the food industry tends to serve way more food than is necessary: Customers love to feel like they're getting the best value for their money! But the value meal is no deal when it triples our calories and sets the stage for health problems.
So what can you do to take back control? A good place to start is knowing about two things that can help you eat smart: serving sizes and recommended amounts of different foods.

If you check my Tumblr account, you'll see lots of pictures/gifs/quotes about depression, low self-esteem and mostly sad stuffs.
I've been thinking a lot lately about my weight because it really bothers me a lot. I'm not obese, at least that's what I hope. Every morning when I'm taking a bath, I always think of new ways of how will I lose weight. I always tell myself that I will start exercising whenever I arrive at home from school. But whenever I arrive at home from school, all I do is tweet, eat, sleep = all forms of lazyness. Sometimes, I feel like losing my faith and hope. But I realized, why am I losing faith? Why am I losing hope? I create my own problems, I create my own complications. I drown myself to a sea of thoughts that will only pull me down. I prayed to God. I prayed for a sign and that's when I found a way..
I found a better way to lose weight = dancing. I've always loved dancing. Before when I was still in high school, I always find a way to dance.. Though, I didn't continue to dance. I'm not saying that I'm a really good dancer, I just love to dance. I even joined in some programs in our school like performing through dancing. I got an idea lately that why shouldn't I use dancing as a form of exercise? That's when my friend asked me to buy a voucher in Metro Deal for Zumba in Gold's Gym. I wasn't able to buy because when she told me to buy it, the time was already out. I didn't get the chance since I asked my mom late. But we figured out that we can just download videos of Zumba from Youtube, so we did. And now, we are doing Zumba NOT every night. I can say I'm too lazy or too tired.
My father talked to me and he said I should exercise more and lose weight. And that if I lose weight, he'll give me a bonus. I don't what that is yet but I'm sure it will be worth it because he told me, "Syempre, alam ko mahirap magpapayat, kaya worth it din yung bonus na ibibigay ko sayo." I was encouraged and motivated to do it. But everytime I am there, at this time when I should start exercising, I always question myself, should I do this? Naaah, I'm too lazy. I'm having a little battle with myself always. But sometimes I assume what if the bonus that papa will give me is a ticket to Justin's concert? WHAT IF? Omg, imagine that. When I think of things like that, I always feel motivated. I mean, papa's asking me to do this for my own good. Imagine if I lose weight and be able to buy clothes from shops that will finally fit you and enjoy wearing them; you will finally have that confidence to say to yourself, I'm pretty. I know I am.
But being fit isn't just about being pretty or sexy. It's also about being healthy. That's the most important thing. According to the article, "Later in life, people who overeat are at greater risk for heart disease, heart failure, and stroke." Whoa there, I felt scared. I don't want to be sick nor have any heart disease when I get old. Of course, I want to enjoy life first. The Bible was right, you reap what you sow.
My Tumblr isn't all about sad stuffs,  I also reblog things that will make me feel better and things that will  motivate me to start changing myself.

To those people who have the same problem as mine, I hope we all get through this. We just have to start changing NOW. Because if not now, then when?

- A

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