Feb 10, 2013


It's been 2 months already since Christmas and I know I should've posted this a long time ago but I've been lazy -- SO LAZY. I took these 2 photos of flowers on Christmas morning. Aren't they beautiful? 

So, Christmas eve we went to my grandfather's house to celebrate Christmas.

Mama Beth, Lola Myrna, my mom, sister Chel & my cousin Vichien

My Granpa, Papa Chris :)

What I wore that night...... (Feeling sexy back, yep.)

Somebody caught me Instagram-ing... Oops.

As you can see, I changed my outfit to match with them long sleeves. LOL. (Kunwari malamig daw. :P)

Me, ate Chel, Papa Cris, JM, Mikhail, Tito Erwin & Tita Mau

Went outside to drink Tanduay Ice Cocktails, it tastes asdfghjkl... I didn't like it. >.<

My ninong's gift to me! It's too cute that I don't wanna use it, like ever. Haha.

After we opened our gifts, me and my cousins including my sister just stayed outside and shared stories and then we also watched movies before we went to sleep... And the day after Christmas eve.....

Ok, this is irrelevant but this is for Tumblr purposes only. LOL.

Okaaaaay, all in all, I had fun on Christmas day and I received lots of gifts besides the lotion and I think I received a total of 800PHP. Of course, I am so thankful to God for all the blessings that I have received. It was actually more than what I asked for. I guess I will be forever grateful to Him for that. How about you? How did you spend your Christmas? :)

- A

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