Dec 20, 2012


So last night, I was just tweeting while watching The Vampire Diaries (it's so addicting!) and then my phone lit up and when I opened it, I saw this:



I was having a username crisis atm, so kind of changed my username 3 times I think? Lmao. And yes, I was @herkidrauhl before but now it's @onmarchfirst. (And this account is not my personal.) Let's just hope I don't change it again. :P


I was so hyped when I saw this I didn't even remember that the announcement of winners was today! Gaaahhhh, I still can't believe I won. When we went to MOA last Monday I was kinda in a hurry to buy Just Getting Started at Fully Booked because I already thought that I won't win the raffle. But something stopped me, I don't what it was but thank God I did not buy. Omg, I'm really happy at the moment I can't even explain what I feel. Weird, right? :p

But thank you again ate Pau, you may never see this but still, thank you. :) It's the best Christmas gift ever! :)

- A

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