Dec 4, 2012


Last Sunday, November 25, we celebrated my sister's 22nd birthday at Shakey's. We ate together with my family; Shayne, Eunice, Ella, and our friends; Monico, Lhianne, Debbie, Embi & Jhek. We went there at around 2 in the afternoon and me and my sister haven't eaten breakfast or lunch yet! We've been waiting for this. HA HA. Pictures below:

I was supposed to dress like this on that day but decided to change because I thought mas bongga pa yung suot ko sa may birthday. lol

Eunice & Lhianne

Ella & Shayne

Embi & Jhek

Gals (Monico took this one)

Me with Parekoys (Embi, Jhek & Debbie) and the birthday girl

Gals with Monico and Ate Chel

Ang saya ko kasi dumating na yung food! HA HA.

The whole family. Lol

After eating in Shakey's, we went to Circle C to... I don't even know what we did there :p

There! Nag-pictorial lang pala sa Circle C. HA HA HA.

My gifts for her:
Take Me Home album by One Direction

And a polaroid photo of Harry Styles with his signature!! (I'm awesome I know)

She liked those gifts naman, thank God :D

To the birthday girl, ate. Hi, if you're reading this ( I know you're not because you're probably asleep while I'm writing this) Well, happy birthday to you. :) Thanks for being there for me always and for being patient because I know you also get tired everyday kahit nakatambay ka lang dito sa bahay :p I love you so much. Tinatamad na ako magsabi ng mahabang message basta I hope God will grant your wish. Love you to bits! :* :)

- A

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