Oct 18, 2012


So, today my baby Zac turns 25! Omg, how time flies by so fast? LOL. But I’m not kidding though, my first love turns 25 today. Yep, you read it right, my first love. Before Bieberfever attacked me, I’ve already fallen for this guy. C’mon, who didn’t? He’s like the sexiest and most gorgeous man living in Earth.

Zachary David Alexander Efron, born in San Luis Obispo, California. Who knew that a lot of girls will fall for him? He was such a ‘totoy’ before in his Highschool Musical Days. But look at him now! He’s so freaking hot. (Sorry, can’t help myself)

Last September 29, he had a Fan Conference in SM MOA Arena for Penshoppe. Yep, he’s the latest endorser of Penshoppe! How awesome could that be? :) The moment me, my sister Chel and my friend Debbie heard that he’s having a fan conference here, we didn’t let the chance slip away! We bought clothes and other stuffs from Penshoppe so you can get tickets. Sadly, we can only afford clothes and stuffs worth 1,200PHP so we got the Lower Box seats! It was a good seat though because it’s next to Patron seats which are next to VIPs! :)

Which we exchanged to this so we can enter the arena:

So when we arrived outside the Arena, at like, 4:30ish or something, the place are crowded already!

The gates open at 6 PM, so more and more people came..

Me, my cousin Vichien, my sister Chel and my friend Debbie! :)

When we got inside the arena there was another line.

And finally we got in!

I heard that almost 8,000 people were there at the arena to see Zac! And it was the biggest fancon to date!

Before Zac came out, Jay-R, La Divas and Never The Strangers performed some songs. And Also the UP Pep Squad danced/cheerdanced to Highschool Musical’s song, We’re All In This Together until Zac came out.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hug or kiss him. (omg, I can’t believe I didn’t *insert sad face here*) They’ve chosen 100 lucky people for the Meet and Greet’s but I wasn’t one of them :( But of course, I’m happy. After 6 years of fangirling, I’ve seen him personally! I really thank God for this happening/event. I think that is the best night of my life so far. I was able to capture a video of Boy interviewing him but I’m still uploading it and it takes 3249375826 years to upload it so I guess I’ll just post it here when it’s done! :)

~ So I posted the video on my Youtube account and here it is:

Before we went home, outside the arena, we saw all the girl holding posters, dvds, and other giveaways. So, we went here and there to find any posters because all the girls were holding like more than 5 posters! So we went at the place where we fell in line earlier before the gates opened, and we saw the guards giving away posters so we fell in line! Ha, and I got this very very cute poster.

I also bought a magazine which Zac is the cover for just a hundred pesos :)


And last night.. to celebrate a pre-birthday celebration..

Since I love Zac with all my heart, I got his name tattooed on my heart! :p (That’s just a pen)

I just wanna greet my baby, a Happy happy birthday. I love you so much Zac. I wish I can see you again in the future and will be able to kiss and hug you. 

- A

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