Jul 11, 2012


Last Saturday, July 7th, me and my classmate Debbie decided to go to MOA to unwind. We’ve been doing a lot of school works that’s why we planned to go to MOA that day. Actually, we just decided to go to MOA that day, on Saturday morning! lol since our classes start 4:30 in the afternoon.. So we went to MOA. We just wanna do a “photowalk”, and we did! These are some of the pictures we took using Debbie’s digicam and my iPhone. (All of the pictures are edited by me.)

Took these using my iPhone. I am really amazed in how good its camera is. It’s like a DSLR camera. (These were edited, too.)

We had fun that day. I don’t know, I just enjoyed the day that we didn’t even care that we missed the second subject because of traffic. (We didn’t have the first subject because the professor was not around.) :)

- A

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