Nov 29, 2012


We all feel insecure, sometimes, don't we? Why? What are the reasons we feel insecure?

Well, I admit it. I feel insecure most of the time because of what I look like (As you can see, I am not pretty and sexy). I'm just a girl, what should I feel? I wanna change my body/appearance but I know I can't, so let's just stick with this (HA-HA). It won't make any difference anyways and I'd rather be like this than change what I look like and then have the people around me doubt about it. And besides, I have to be contented, right? God gave me what I have right now and I should be thankful for that.

First thing in the morning last Wednesday this is the first thing I saw on Twitter. (I always check Justin's tweet the moment I open my phone, it's a Belieber thing.) And I think it inspired me because I blogged about it somehow, (check my last blog entry) about something like this. For me, Justin's right. We're all beautiful when we're being just ourselves. This is the best thing we can do as a girl. We can't feel insecure anymore because if the people around love us for us, we'll be able to be ourselves around them and that makes them love us more.

And I know we're all beautiful in our Creator's eyes. Nothing is more important than that. :)

P.S I love you Justin for tweeting this! :)

- A

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